From Casey “Pickle” McBride (washtub bass) -

As most of you have probably heard by now, last week (Saturday, April 25th), there was a devastating earthquake that shook Nepal, followed by multiple aftershocks.

The reason Nepal is so near to me is because my sister, along with her husband and 3 amazing kids, live in a town called Pokhara, Nepal.  They have been living in Nepal for over 6 years and when the earthquake hit last week, life there changed immediately.

They immediately began searching for ways to begin to serve the people in their country and help in any way they could.  Everyone has asked how they can help, and here’s a simple way.  This money is not going to a huge organization, that will take who knows how long to get to the people in need, but they are able to exchange this money into rupees and buy items that can be used right away for people in need in the communities & villages they are connected to.

I appreciate the support of all of those who can help in this tremendous time of need.

With the utmost gratitude and thanks,